18 February 2014

– Please be VERY careful with your Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V ‘s – {update}

Observing the recently investigated plagiarism, please be (VERY) careful with your copy and paste function. They surely help but they can also able to make a very deep misery out of our short academic life. Saling mengingatkan (so let’s remind each other about this).

Currently there are many ways to keep track of any materials that we cite. Whether they are coming from text books, articles, or from websites (right now there are  many open access journal). For those whom fans of metrostyle look of Windows 8, you can always use OneNote to paste whatever you want, complete with links. For Linux-die harder, you might want to Mendeleu desktop, and for the Mac fans you can always go to Evernote or Growly Notes, or you can try Dolphin browser that integrate tabs with Evernote. Remembering anything just one click/tap away.

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