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International peer-reviewed journal
Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Notosiswoyo, S., Soemintadiredja, P., 2009, Hydrogeochemistry of Volcanic Hydrogeology based on Cluster Analysis of Mount Ciremai, West Java, Indonesia, Journal of Hydrology, doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2009.07.033. pdf-2009-erwin-ciremai-jhydrology
Irawan, D.E., Soemintadiredja, P., Puradimaja, D.J., and Notosiswoyo, S., 2011, Groundwater Response Analysis based on Groundwater Spring Discharge,  Temperature, and Electrical Conductivity at Mt. Ciremai, West Java, Indonesia, submitted to Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Journal.
Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Brahmantyo, B., Silaen, H., 2011, The Hydrogeology of Ciliwung River Streams, Bogor-Jakarta Segment, Indonesia, submitted to Hydrological Sciences Journal. pdf-2011-erwin-ciliwung-hydroscijour

International proceedings

Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., and SIlaen, H., 2011, The Hydrodynamic of Ciseupan Man-Made Lake and Surrounding Aquifers, Cimahi, Bandung, Indonesia, will be presented in  the 2011 International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) General Assembly, Melbourne 28 June - 07 July 2011. pdf-2011-erwin-ciseupan-iugg2011
Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Notosiswoyo, S., Soemintadiredja, P., Characterization of Tropical Volcanic Hydrogeology based on Temperature and Electrical Conductivity Analysis at Mt. Ciremai, West Java, Indonesia, will be presented in The 2011 European Geosciences Union General Assembly, 3-8 April 2011. abstract: pdf-2011-erwin-ciremai-vienna slides: 2011-pdf-egu-ciremai-02apr
Irawan, D.E., 2009, Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Notosiswoyo, S., Soemintadiredja, P., 2008, Hydrogeological Characterization in Volcanic Area Mount Ciremai to Conserve Water Resources (And Other Research Experiences in Tropical Hydrogeology), Persented in ITB-Kyoto University GCOE Program, Bali 8 October 2009pdf-2009-erwin-hydrogeology-gcoe
Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Notosiswoyo, S., Soemintadiredja, P., 2008, Hydrogeological Model of Stratovolcano using Physical and Chemical Parameters of Groundwater at Mt. Ciremai’s Spring Zone, presented at International Symposium on Efficient Groundwater Resources ManagementBangkok Thailand. pdf-2009-erwin-ciremai-thailand ;  pdf-2009-erwin-ciremai-thailand-doc
Puradimaja, D.J., Irawan, D.E., Brahmantyo, B., Silaen, H., 2007, Hydrodynamic Relationship between River and Aquifer to Water Quality at Ciliwung River Banks. an Overview of Integrated Water Management, presented at International Symposium and Workshop on Current Problems in Groundwater Management and Related Water Resources Issues, 2-8 December 2007. pdf-2007-erwin-ciliwung-bali
Irawan, D.E.Silaen, H., Puradimaja, D.J., 2006, Hydrogeological Boundaries of Spring Belt at Strato Volcano. Case study: Gunung Ciremai, Gunung Gede - West Java and Gunung Karang-Pulasari – Banten, Indonesia, Conference of Volcano International Gathering.
Irawan, D.E. and Puradimaja, D.J., 2006, The hydrogeology of the volcanic spring belt, east slope of Gunung Ciremai, West Java, Indonesia, Proceeding of International Association of Engineering Geologist. pdf-2009-erwin-ciremai-iaeg
Puradimaja, D.J., Hendri Silaen, Irawan, D.E., 2003, New Hydrogeological Determination of Normal and Hot Spring Complex at Ciwaringin – G. Kromong – Pesawahan, North of Ciremai Volcano, West Java, Indonesia, International Conference on Mineral and Energy Resources Management 2003, 28 – 31 July 2003, Yogyakarta. pdf-2003-erwin-palimanan-jogja
Irawan, D.E.Puradimaja, D.J., 2002, Geological Mapping and Groundwater Characterization an Approach to Spring Recharge Area Conservation, International Conference on Urban Hydrology for the 21st Century, 14-18 October 2002, Kuala Lumpur. pdf-2002-erwin-ciremai-malaysia
National per-reviewed journal
Setiawan, T., Puradimaja, DJ., Brahmantyo, B., and Irawan, DE., 2008, Interpretasi Sistem Hidrogeologi Kars Berdasarkan Analisis Kelurusan Morfologi (Studi kasus kawasan kars Cijulang, Kab. Ciamis, Jawa Barat), Jurnal Geoaplika, Vol 3, No. 1. pdf-2008-erwin-cijulang-jgeoaplika
Iman, MI. and Irawan, DE., 2008, Identifikasi Sumber dan Pola Aliran Endapan Gunung Api untuk Penafsiran Sistem Hidrogeologi di Daerah Cikalong Wetan dan Sekitarnya, Kab. Bandung, Jawa Barat, Jurnal Geoaplika, Vol 3, No. 1. pdf-2008-erwin-cikalong-jgeoaplika
Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., 2006, The Differentiation of Hyperthermal Groundwater Origin by using Multivariate Statistics On Water Chemistry, Jurnal Geoaplika, Vol 1, No 2, 2006. pdf-2006-erwin-hydrochem-jgeoaplika
Sanny, T.A., Puradimaja, D.J., Hutasoit, L.M., Notosiswoyo, S., 2005, Aquifer Model and System Imaging by Using 2-D and 3-D Resistivity Inversion Technology: Case Study of Tangerang Area, Jurnal Teknologi Mineral, Vol XII, No. 2, 2005, pp 106-113. pdf-2005-erwin-tangerang-jtm
Puradimaja, D.J., Hutasoit, L.M., Silaen, H., Irawan, D.E., 2005, The Origin of Hyperthermal Groundwater in Fractured Limestone Aquifer, Parigi Formation in Palimanan, West Java, based on Its Water Chemistry and Isotopic Composition, Jurnal Teknologi Mineral, Vol XII, No. 1, 2005, pp 59-68. pdf-2005-erwin-palimanan-jtm
Puradimaja, D.J., Dian Budidharma, Irawan, D.E.2004, Komang Anggayana, Water Flow Interpretation at Aneuk Laot Lake- Zweembat Spring Complex based on Stable Isotope Tracer(Deuterium and Oxygen-18), Sabang Regency, D.I.- Nangro Aceh Darussalam, Jurnal Teknologi Mineral Vol XI, No. 2/2004, pp: 88-101.pdf-2004-erwin-sabang-jtm
Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Hutasoit, L.M., 2003, Geological Control to Spring Emergence. Case Study: East Slope of Mt. Ciremai, Buletin Geologi, Vol 35 No 1, pp: 15 – 23. pdf-2003-erwin-ciremai-bulgeologi
Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Yuwono, S., dan Syaifullah, T.A., 2000, Geological Mapping of Volcanic Deposit for Volcanic Aquifer System IdentificationCase Study: Pasir Jambu-Situwangi Soreang, Bandung RegencyWest Java, Buletin Geologi, Vol 3.

National proceedings
Taat Setiawan, Budi Brahmantyo, Puradimaja, D.J., Irawan, D.E., 2008, Fracture System Interpretation based on Lineament Analysis on SRTM Image, Cijulang AreaSouth Ciamis, Proceeding IAGI ke-37. pdf-2008-erwin-cijulang-iagi
Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Notosiswoyo, S., 2007, Outlining Hydrogeological System using Multivariate Analysis on Groundwater Quality at Mt. Ciremai, West Java, Indonesia, presented atJoint Convention Bali Indonesian Association of Geologist and Indonesia Petroleum Association, 13-16 November 2007. pdf-2007-erwin-ciremai-bali
Puradimaja, D.J., Kombaitan, B., Irawan, D.E., 2006, Hydrogeological Analysis in Regional Planning of Tigaraksa City, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia, presented at Persidangan Bersama Geosains, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Des 2006pdf-2006-erwin-tangerang-ukm
Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Bogaard, T., 2006, Spatial Analysis of Volcanic Hydrogeology at Gunung Ciremai, West Java, Indonesia, presented at Persidangan Bersama Geosains, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Des 2006.
Puradimaja, D.J. and Irawan, D.E., 2003, Influence of Detail Geological Parameters to Variation ofGroundwater Flow Pattern and Spring Discharges Case Study: East part of Mt. Ciremai, Kabupaten Kuningan, West Java, Proceeding IAGI 2003. pdf-2003-ciremai-iagi
Puradimaja, D.J., Soekarno, I., Abidin, Z., Irawan, D.E., 2002, Clean Water Business Development in West Java, Proceeding of Seminar of Clean Water Usage and Management to Increase Healthness in West JavaWest Hallpdf-2002-erwin-clean-water-km
Irawan, D.E., Lubis, R.F., 2002, Various Methods in Determining of Volcanic Spring Recharge Area, Proceeding PIT IAGI XXXI, Surabaya.
Irawan, D.E., Deny Juanda P, Abdurachman, O., 2002, High Concentration of Ultrabasic Rock Trace Elements. An example of Groundwater - Rock Interaction Case Study : Malili District, South Sulawesi, Proceeding PIT IAGI XXXI, 1-2 Oktober 2002, Surabaya.
Irawan, D.E., Lubis, R.F., 2002, A Natural Groundwater Contamination. Case Study: Ultrabasic Rocks Region at Malili District, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, Dipresentasikan dalam Kegiatan Computer Aided Workshop on Groundwater Contamination, 22-30 January 2002, Bandung.
Puradimaja, D.J., Irawan, D.E., 2002, Clean Water Business Development in Mid Sulawesi, Proceeding of 25 Years of Geological Education in Hasanudin Universitypdf-2002-erwin-water-business-unhas
Irawan, D.E., Syaifullah, T.A., Puradimaja, D.J., 2001 Volcanic Aquifer Characterization and Groundwater Flow Study. Case Study: Volcanic Region with Six Strato eruption Centers in Pasir Jambu – Situwangi, Soreang – Bandung (West Java), Proceeding PIT IAGI XXX, 10-12 September 2001, Yogyakarta.
Irawan, D.E., Hendri S., Lubis, R.F., Abdurachman, O., 2000 Physical and Chemical Characteristic of Some Hot Spring (Volcanic and Non-Volcanic), Proceeding PIT IAGI XXIX, 21-22 Nopember 2000, Bandung.

Irawan, D.E., Puradimaja, D.J., Notosiswoyo, S., Soemintadiredja, P., 2009, Hydrochemical tracers to map hydrogeological setting at Mt. Ciremai, Warta Bapeda Edisi Juli 2009. pdf-2009-erwin-ciremai-wbappeda1