13 March 2014

#usyd: lumped model vs distributed model

Really I have to slightly shift myself from geologically-qualitative mindset to a more quantitative one. There are so many terms that these people used in daily talks. Lumped model, distributed model, box model, Hutonian flow etc etc :-) I've tried to sort them out. It turns out that they're not very different from I've understood. But still... Geologically speaking, I am not quick enough to catch what are these hydrologists talk about. But surely, there's always my purple notebook and Snowman pen to take note and ask them later on. :-) There will be one prof visit next week. He once worked in Belgium but now he is working at Flinders University. He's going to give a talk on surface water and groundwater relation...
(one of lecture note book from the univ coop store)

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