09 May 2015

Upcoming 3rd Mini Workshop Intro to R

After a long hiatus here's an update.

My tweets shouting the upcoming 
Intro to R Workshop.

A teaser in Prezi http://goo.gl/ZYIA3v

The 3rd Intro to R mini workshop, 25May, ITB Central Library
1) installation:
1.1 what and How to install, 
1.2 how to upgrade, 
1.3 basic syntax; 

2) data prep
2.1 data entry, 
2.2 formatting rows-cols, 
2.3 dealing with NAs; 

3) basic ops
3.1 data loading, 
3.2 data structures, 
3.3 missing data 

4) basic anl
3.1 descriptive anl, 
3.2 basic plots; 
3.3 pairs anl; 
3.4 regression anl 

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