02 March 2014

**[R] First plot using R {update}**

What's all the fuss about R.
I've spent the last 2 weeks reading many R tutorials to find which version the simplest.

Finally I chose one and started to type the instructions.

x<-c p="">y<-c p="">plot(x,y)

x is my birth date and y is my wife's.

Press enter then 

More complicated one:

#this practice was based on Ciliwung dataset
#so you can change all the ciliwung file data with your own data
#loading data and named clwtds
clwtds <- clwtds.csv="" font="" header="T,sep=" read.table="">
#view the data
#Scatter plot gwtds vs rivtds
plot(gwtds,rivtds,xlab="Groundwater TDS (ppm)",ylab="Ciliwung Water TDS (ppm)", pch=16)
#Scatter plot gwtds vs rivtds (based on gw and river water relation)
> plot(gwtds, rivtds, xlab="Groundwater TDS (ppm)", ylab="Ciliwung Water TDS (ppm)", pch=19, col=c(relation))
#Histogram chart
#Histogram gwtds and rivtds in the file clwtds
hist(clwtds$gwtds, xlab="Groundwater TDS (ppm)")
hist(clwtds$rivtds, xlab="River TDS (ppm)")
#this is the result
#TDS Profile with line chart
plot(clwtds$gwtds, type="b", pch=16, xlab="Location", ylab="TDS (ppm)", ylim=c(0,1000))
points(clwtds$rivtds, type="b", pch=16, col="grey", lwd=2)
#this is how the chart will look like


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