08 September 2014

1.5 R installation

Now let's start our `dirty but fun` work to install R in you computer. I've used R in three different computers: R or Linux and Mac OS at home and R for Windows at the Uni, and here's some of my notes:
  • Computer specification: There's no `must` in this part. I've seen someone who uses Intel Celeron to run R, and it still runs well at some level as a function of data size and complexity. Basically you would need faster processor and larger RAM as you grow your data size. If you have a plan to purchase a new computer, I would suggest to get a i5 equivalent and 4 GB of RAMs. You can buy better specification if your budget allows you to. Otherwise, just use your current PC and maximise it.
  • Operating System (OS): R runs on all major OS: Linux (like Ubuntu, Fedora etc), Mac OS, and off course Windows. Don't worry, they will look and work at the same manner, as long as you have the sama R base and R Studio version.
  • What do you need to install:
    • R base: 
      • Visit Situs R Project
      • Choose your  mirror server based on where are your current location, or just use the default one. 
      • Then click the version for your OS. 
      • After finishing the download, then run the installation program.
  • R Studio: 
    • Visit Situs R Studio
    • Click menu Products > RStudio,then click Download RStudio Desktop. Automatically the web site will detect your OS and download the appropriate version.
Or I you are adventurous
  • You can visit  http://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/. Then you would see a list of RStudio versions as per today:
    • RStudio 0.98.1049 – Windows XP/Vista/7/8 file size 48.2 MB update 2014-09-02
    • RStudio 0.98.1049 – Mac OS X 10.6+ (64-bit) file size 37.8 MB update 2014-09-02
    • RStudio 0.98.1049 – Debian 6+/Ubuntu 10.04+ (32-bit) file size 56.3 MB update 2014-09-02
    • RStudio 0.98.1049 – Debian 6+/Ubuntu 10.04+ (64-bit) file size 58 MB update 2014-09-02
    • RStudio 0.98.1049 – Fedora 13+/openSUSE 11.4+ (32-bit) file size 56.6 MB  update 2014-09-02
    • RStudio 0.98.1049 – Fedora 13+/openSUSE 11.4+ (64-bit) file size 57.9 MB  update 2014-09-02
After the download finishes, run the installation program:
  • For Linux: run filexRstudioxx.deb. It would open the App Manager, then follow the instructions.
  • For Mac OSX: run filexRstudioxx.dmg then follow the instructions.
  • For Windows: run filexRstudioxx.exe and follow the instructions.

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