13 September 2014

Part 2.1: Some R cool stuffs for motivation (R for beginners)

Image from: www.r2-d2builder.com
After finishing the Part 2: Starting R, I thought we’d like to take a break and see some cool stuffs, to give you (somewhat) more motivation to learn R.
I’ve posted several articles earlier:
  1. A bit about R markdown: R markdown is a markup language. It embeds all your codes and plots in one readable documents without having copy-pasting back and forth from R to word processor. The Rmd format is text based and it originally can only be converted to html.
But with the newest version of R Studio this bit you can write docx file without having to run Ms Word at all. Just use R.
Click the following menu:
Open R Studio > File > New file > R Markdown.
Then copy the entire post and paste it verbatimly in your R Markdown window. Then click knit Word (at the upper tool bar), you’ll see the magic.
  1. Linear regression: Excel and R: In this post you would find the main difference between point and click software like Ms Excel and command line software like R. In this case I talked about how to make a linear regression using both software.
  2. How to make QQ plot in R: unlike another posts about making a plot, in this post I showed the transformation from basic command to make plot and the tweaking needed to add some useful informations. I’m not using any addition package in this post, like: lattice or ggplot.
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