03 October 2014

"geoR" package fails on Trusty

Dear friends,

I've got this problem after I upgraded my system to Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr). The geoR package suddenly failed. I tried to re install the package using "install.packages("geoR", depend=T), but I got some errors indicating of failed dependencies, including "tkrplot" package.

After did some googling, The problem was R can't find a header file "tk.h". This header is needed by "tkrplot" package, which in turns relate to the geoR.

Peter Dalgaard from R-SIG miling list suggests to install the "tk-dev" and "tcl-dev". Both are in the default Ubuntu distribution.

After installing the packages from Ubuntu Software Manager, Then re-run the R Studio, then I can install "geoR".

Enjoy krigging 😄.


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