29 October 2014

Some new papers in my repos: Hiatus in my post

Dear friends,

There will be a hiatus in my post since I have been busy writing some papers. Some of them are using R for the analysis. The full papers were uploaded in my repos: Academia.edu and ResearchGate.net.

All papers will be presented in the upcoming ICMNS 2014 (International Conference on Math and Natural Sciences) at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. The title of the papers are:

  1. Spatial analysis of groundwater quality data using geoR and mgcv R-package   
  2. Groundwater and River Water Interaction at Ciromban and Cibeureum Riverbank, Tasikmalaya: Can We Solve Water Shortage?
  3. Groundwater and River Water Interaction on Cikapundung River: Revisited
  4. Revisiting hydrostratigraphy in Bandung-Soreang Groundwater Basin: a well-logs re-analysis
All papers mainly discuss about groundwater characterisation based on its hydrochemistry and multivariate analysis. I hope they can give you another example of using both methods to identify groundwater system in tropical areas. 


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