07 August 2013

This was my comment on a question on https://www.researchgate.net/

This was my comment on a question on https://www.researchgate.net/:

Do you use social media to communicate your science? If so, how?
By Robbie Mitchell · 2.06 · Econnect Communication

Dasapta Irawan · 5.68 · Research Division on Applied Geology

I am a hydrogeologist at Institut Teknologi Bandung in Indonesia. Compared to other geoscience/geology field of study, hydrogeology is not very common or first choice for students. So I am now putting all my efforts to socialize it in any way I can. I use Twitter and Facebook (both are connected) because many of my students use these soc-med. Then I also build 2 web pages on Wordpress and Blogger platform. Both web pages are identical just to reach out to various kind of users. I also connect both blogs to my Twitter and Facebook account. I also use Google+ to spread any scientific news. This is for the Twitter and Facebook haters :-). To have a good network I join Research Gate. To combined my postings to all of my soc-meds, I use "http://dlvr.it/" and "Yoono" services. Hopefully all the hard works and time spent on these will pay off.

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