24 April 2014

#LyX: Some of the early documents

[image from: lyx.org]

I have made several documents using LyX (running on Ubuntu 13.10). Some of them are five pages paper and a few full 20 pages report. I felt more grip to the interface, menus and some recommended tweaks. However on several cases I bumped into "line exceed margin" problem. There were one or two lines that overrun the existing page margin. I have googled it, but nothing came up. Until a discussion on Latex Exchange (maybe, I forgot) suggested to add "\sloppy" code in the beginning of the document.

I typed it then click the "re-run" button on the upper left, then all the overrun lines were vanished. I think LyX is forcing the hyphenation on the lines.

And finally my docs look neat, magically. :-)

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