26 April 2014

#scientific-writing: paper's authorship

#Scientific writing: Credit point for authorship

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Following my previous post on how to decide authorship, this post describes a system introduced by Vancouver Guidelines.

The guideline describe a point system to help us decide the authorship on a paper. There are four phases in a research or paper project. Each has its own point range, depends on a person's contribution in the project. So the four phases are:

  • Initiation phase:

    ideas, concept, literature review, etc

  • Pilot phase:

    methodology setup, sampling design, map preparation, etc

  • Execution phase:

    field survey, database entry, lab analysis, etc

  • Analysis and writing phase:

    report/paper drafting, finishing, map drawing, data mining, etc

We can sum the scores and rank to see which author doing the most work. A first author would be a person with most contribution scores than the rest of the authors.

You can visit the website and download the guidelines, for more explanation in the point system.

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