30 April 2014

#scientific-writing: Three more reasons to publish a paper

  • Failure is still a result:
    If you get a grant and then you do the research according to your plan, at the and you must report your findings. Even if your actual research didn't go as planned, you will still need to undisclose why it happened in your report. Most research grant requests the grantees to publish the report in form of scientific paper, but a product-trial research won't allow anyone to publish the results without a written consent.  We have a saying: no result is too small.
  • Define yourself:
    With a published paper on hand, you reach broader audience. More people will notice your work and make use of it to improve theirs. Your paper will define your position in scientific community. As the outcome, you will improve your track record, increase your chance to get another grant.
  • Honor your team:
    It is your another way to give credit to your team member along with other participating parties in your research, by publishing a paper. But you must be very careful about the authorship. Don't forget to acknowledge anyone or any institution that has a significant contribution to your research.
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