20 May 2014

#writing: how to convert Jabref data to EndNote

JabRef vs EndNote

Many of us would probably switch back and forth between applications. JabRef is a multi platform app (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) and BibTex is a multi platform format (it's ASCII remember). But some of us would also likely to work with others that use Word or Windows and off course they would use EndNote as pairs to Word.
So It's worth learning to convert your JabRef to file to EndNote database.
I try to be very objective when I am writing this post :-) As much as I like free app, I have to say that it's a blessing having EndNote in your app list. However, as already have told by several posts, I don't think everyone can buy EndNote, or work at an office that buy EndNote. Then with this Open Source era, JabRef comes with its most power. "It's free".
So basically, JabRef works with BibTex. You can read it. This format allows us to make a bibliographic database even without reference manager, like JabRef or EndNote. BibTex format is simply a ASCII text file with "bib" extension. The content is a list of references with special setting that can be read by reference manager or by a word processor directly.
BibTex pairs perfectly with LaTeX, LyX. You just have to open the "bib" file then write:
\cite{Irawan, 2009}
If you use Tex Studio, you just type:
then it provides you with all references you have in the "bib" file. I use my Mac on this tutorial by the way.
Anyway, if you:
  1. open JabRef, then open your "bib" reference database
  2. click "Export", you will have this screen:

  3. choose "RIS" format. You can choose another format, but for EndNote I would recommend this option. Then name you database. 
  4. there, you have your EndNote database now. You can use it, but the link to the pdfs file is broken, so you will have to re-link the necessary pdfs. I do have a pair of JabRef and EndNote database for my papers, but I only link the pdfs on JabRef.
Hope it works on you.
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