21 May 2014

#writing: Example of Markdown to docx conversion

Review Cikapundung and Bandung Groundwater Basin This was an example of conversion between Markdown draft to docx
  1. Make a draft of anything like the following example using R
  2. the run library('knitr')
pandoc('filename.md', format='docx')
I assume you have 'knitr' package installed. You can change the 'filename' and 'docx' with 'latex' or 'html' or any formats that supported by Pandoc.

Review Cikapundung and Bandung Groundwater Basin

“version 10/05/2015”


  1. Introduction
  2. Regional Overview
    2.1 Geomorphology
    2.2 Volcanic Stratigraphy
    2.3 Hydrostratigraphy unit (HSU)
  3. Hydrological analysis and modeling
  4. Economic and socio-environment
  5. Research questions

1. Introduction

This catchment is part of Bandung Basin in West Java Province, Java Island, Indonesia. The Bandung Basin area is 348,786 hectare (ha), consists of: conservation area (54%) and built area (46%). The Cikapundung Catchment is 43,439 ha, crosses several cities and regencies: City of Bandung and Cimahi and Regency of Bandung, West Bandung, and Subang. The average run-off is 529,5 juta m3/thn and sedimentation rate of 1.023.347 ton/thn (BPLHD 2010). and this is what you'll get... neat huh... :-) docx result
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