07 September 2014

1.3 An R historical glimpse

A section from R for beginners in English


According to R project site (www.r-project.org, R is a graphical and statistical language/environment. Labeled as open source GNU, it is similar to "S", another one-lettered name, that was developed by John Chambers from Bell Lab (or AT&T / Lucent Technologies). Now you would know that R isn't the only language with a unique name.

Tools for linear and non-linear statistical modeling are available as basic commands in R, as well as tools for time-series, classification, and cluster analysis. This tools can be developed by installing add on packages available at CRAN server.

So why don't you start using R. Off course like other learning process, you would encounter problems, but you won't get lost, because there are so many peer R user with strong bound out there to help you. I didn't believe it, until I tried using R nearly two years a go.

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