27 September 2014

randomForest package exercise

Dear friends,

You don't need a decision tree to choose which one to eat first right.

I was working on the tree and randomForest code when I found the following link. This page was written by Wes Stevenson and also Quick-R. In this post, he explains some key points of using the packages: 

+ rpart
+ tree
+ randomForest
+ party
+ maptree
+ evtree
+ and several other classifier packages

Just finished working on the randomForest package and posted an ioslide about the  on Rpubs. The R code is posted at EvernoteIt was still in show and tell level. But I will update it with some explanations and maybe additional try out with the other listed packages.

Please drop your comments. Thank you.


#rstats   #multivariatestats  
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