28 June 2015

Plotting selangkah demi selangkah

Dear friends,

Long time no post LOL. Here's an update.


I managed to translate an article by Hadley Wickham "Build a plot layer by layer" to Indonesian language for class purposes. I used R Markdown to write the article. But somehow, I can't get it uploaded to my Rpubs repo, as well as to this blogger site.

I've tried to implement a "(semi)-automating the R markdown to blogger workflow" described here, but did work.

So I rendered the Rmd to pdf and posted to my repos:

  1. Academia (pdf format) 
  2. ResearchGate (Rmd, R code)

I hope the translation is clear enough for anyone (especially Indonesian), who is starting to learn ggplot2 package.

Here's a plot from the original post.

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